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Tiki Bar

Tiki Bob's

San Francisco, California, United States (Closed)

Tiki Bob's opened in 1955, when Bob Bryant left the San Francisco Trader Vic's where he'd worked as a bar manager to open his own restaurant. The very stylized tiki logo for Tiki Bob's was created by Alec Yuill-Thornton, and its appeal endures today.

Closed in 1983.

While Tiki Bob's space has been through many, many reincarnations, the Tiki Bob's logo tiki still stands guard at the corner of Post & Taylor, giving a friendly smile to all who pass. The space is currently occupied by Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery.

A second location, Tiki Bob's Mainland Rendezvous, was on Bush near Kearny, where Pagan Idol stands today. Bob Bryant also managed the Tahitian Lanai and Papeete Bar in the Waikikian hotel in Waikiki when it opened in late 1956.