Aku Aku - Orlando

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While I was not able to get a Tiger Fucker mug, the drink itself was pretty spectacular!

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Aku Aku - Orlando Bar – Orlando, Florida, United States

Aku Aku opened at the beginning of 2014 and is a sister property of the adjacent mid-century-themed Stardust Lounge (Aku Aku's name is a nod to the relationship between Las Vegas' Stardust Casino and its Aku Aku). The back wall of the space is one large shelving unit full of rectangular cubbies of varying dimensions, filled with little bits of Polynesian Pop decor. A large Moai overlooks the room from a corner. A small selection of classic tropical drinks are available, and a longish rum list has some nicer sipping rums (and a lot of unfortunate flavored rums).

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