Journey to Hawaii - First Edition/TikiLand Mug Society Member Edition - Brown - by Jeff Granito

a.k.a. TikiLand Mug Society 2022 Mug

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Jeff Granito

From TikiLand Trading:

"Introducing 'Journey to Hawaii', the exclusive mystery TikiLand tiki mug for the 2022 members of TikiLand Mug Society.

For those who recognize it, this mug was very clearly inspired by a coveted piece of Tiki ephemera. The foam tiki statue that this mugs Ku was modeled after is none other than from one of the most iconic, memorable, and influential travel marketing and advertising campaigns by United Airlines promoting air travel to Hawaii.

With a passion for Hawaii, Tiki, and all things at the intersect of art in popular culture and advertising, Lost Tiki envisioned and designed this mug with the help of friends Jeff Granito and Tom THOR Thordarson. Jeff and THOR each contributed depictions on the mug that represent some of the experiences and history that one encounters when visiting Hawaii. THOR masterfully brought these concepts together, and to life, in the sculpt.

Lost Tikis inspiration for each of the mugs created for TikiLand Mug Society is to tell part of his, and many others, story and journey of 'falling down the Tiki rabbit hole'. This is the 2nd mug in the ongoing TikiLand Mug Society series."

This first edition with dark brown exterior and orange interior was made exclusively for Tikiland Mug Society members.

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26 Feb 2023
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26 Feb 2023
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