Tortured Soul - by Miles Nielsen & Munktiki - for Pizza Morte

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Miles Nielsen

From Pizza Morte:

"Only mortals would be foolish enough to sell their soul for pizza, and yet, here we are. Embrace your hunger and make a deal with Pepperoni Satan. Your eternity is full of torment and despair, and it's staring right back at you.

Each pie bakes differently, so it may not look just like our photo here. Worry not, Pepperoni Satan himself inspects every pie with our revolutionary 666 point quality inspection."

This variation on the Munktiki skull is covered in gloppy sauce and cheese and the mouth is open in a silent scream.

Pizza Morte is a spin-off brand from Munktiki, all designed, sculpted, and created by Miles Nielsen.

These are "dropped" at unexpected intervals on the Pizza Morte merchandise page.

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25 Aug 2023
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3 Sep 2023
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