Order of the Golden Fez Seer of Untruth Mug - First Edition - by Ken Holewczynski - for House of Tabu

a.k.a. House of Tabu Monolith Mug

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Ken Holewczynski
House of Tabu
House of Tabu

From House of Tabu:

"As our Order’s chief archeologists continue their efforts to seek the history and mementos of our beloved society, they have recently announced a new and exciting find!

While the artifact found is in a primitive state, it nonetheless represents an important discovery. This new item adds to the mystique of the Order while posing new questions and eventually many a long night of research and libations. This monolith is emblazoned with the initials of our great Order on one side and the All-Seeing Eye on the opposite side. The Eye is supported by a sacred scarab and is embedded in the sands of time.

Our archeologists at this time can only surmise that this new discovery is the Seer of Untruth Monolith, hereunto unforeseen! This sacred vessel was issued to our fine Brethren who, of impeccable foresight and intellect, could spot shit from shinola in a heartbeat. Along with the chalice itself, those of this power of observation, were also awarded a special enameled pin, to announce to one and all that you will not be able to pull the proverbial wool over their eyes.

Also included is an all new Order of the Golden Fez membership certificate and card.

As we work feverishly in our Archeology department, we will endeavor to restore this artifact post haste, so that you, our trusted friends and confidantes, may too add this to your collection of the Order’s most coveted treasures.

Our mugs are handmade right here at the House of Tabu and we’re proud to produce them here in the USA."

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28 Sep 2022
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