Skipper T, Sole Survivor of the Skull and Siren Wreck

New York, New York, United States

Hello Everyone!

My Name is Tyler “T4nK”, A Canadian Tiki Lover and Traveler currently living in NYC with my wife Merkayla and our dog son Simba!

I was first introduced to tiki bars specifically on my first contract with Disney Cruise Line via Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto over in Florida and quickly fell in love with the art, history, atmosphere, and people. As a kid (and very much still now) I loved themed restaurants and the stories they told. It was incredibly captivating and hilariously the nostalgia I feel when I walk into a tiki bar is no doubt born out of my days visiting the rainforest cafe when it was still in operation in Vancouver.

Since my initial Introduction I have been an avid fan of this eclectic, adventurous, mysterious, and always jovial genre. I can’t wait to talk more with you all about the art, the history, the fun, and hopefully see friends at the events I come to.

Primary collector of: -Locations- +ShameFul Tiki Room (Van+TO Canada) +Tiki Underground (OH) +Trader Sam’s (Both Coasts)

-Artists- +Tiki Tony +Big Toe +Ohana is Dead +Munktiki

Mahalo everyone!

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