Caliente Tropics 50th Anniversary Tiki Mug


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Mug Design:

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Eekum Bookum

This is a mug shaped like a Tiki head with a rootball top. It was manufactured by John and Janet Mulder of Eekum Bookum and is based on one of the original Caliente Tropics Tikis -- a Tiki which still stands on the grounds of the hotel today -- that was carved in the 1960's by Ed Crissman (who carved for Oceanic Arts). This mug has been officially approved by the new owner of the Caliente Tropics. A percentage of the sales of these mugs went towards preserving and restoring the Tikis on the Caliente Tropics property. 250 of these mugs were made, with the first 100 made available to Tiki Caliente 7 attendees only.

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29 Aug 2022
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29 Aug 2022
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