Aliens Tiki Mug Blue by MONDO


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Michael Bonanno, THOR
Tiki Farm

Aliens is an American science fiction action horror film franchise written and directed by James Cameron. This Aliens mug was designed by artist Michael Bonanno and THOR. Manufactured by Tiki Farm for Mondo, which is known for their screen printed posters and other collectibles but recently began making tiki mugs in 2016 with the premier of their Gremlins mugs. This is their second mug design and it comes in five color-ways, including this blue version (unlimited edition that they plan to stock for a longer duration), acid blood green (limited to 200 pieces), hive black (unlimited edition with silver cold-painted teeth and nails that will only be available for limited time), a limited edition Xeno Bone variant, and a brown version for the Alamo Drafthouse. Pre-orders for 02/28/2017 ship Summer 2017.

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