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    Von Franco Franken Tiki

    Franken Tiki was designed by Von Franco as a companion to a Hot Wheels collecible car, and was produced in purple by Tiki Farm.

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    KC Co Temple Tiki

    This brown mug was manufactured by KC Co Ltd. It is a Ku and has slanted eyes and a figure eight shaped mouth. It reads "KC Co Ltd Hawaii" on the bottom.

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    KC Co Hawaiian God Ku Mug a.k.a. Handled Ku Mug

    This mug is a yellow-brown hiball with a bamboo-look handle on the side, and a darker brown Ku with v-shaped headdress in relief on the front. A large white round sticker on the bottoms proclaims it to be the "Hawaiian God Ku".

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    Moai Sophisticate Black

    Moai Sophisticate was designed by Derek Yaniger for Tiki Farm. Glazed in black, this moai has a ski jump nose and a topknot on head. Hearkens back to the Moai Suave design from 9 years ago. The Moai Sophisticate was issued in black or white.

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    Formosa Dragon & Pagoda Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a temple pagoda encircled by a dragon. Glazed in a "Jade Green" glaze. The Formosa has been a Hollywood icon since 1939.

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    Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge Tiki Mug Second Edition a.k.a. Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge Tiki Mug Bone White, Psychotic Suzi Mug Bone White

    This short bone white mug, with black wipe-away finish to pick out details of sculpt, was manufactured by Tiki Farm for Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge in Minneapolis, MN. The mug is shaped like a tiki head and has red cold painted eyes and a maniacal toothy grin. This is the second glaze edition of this mug.

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    Volcano Barrel Mug - Fourth Edition - for False Idol a.k.a. False Idol Volcano Barrel Mug Matte Brown with Red Lettering

    This is a matte brown mug shaped like a large rum barrel whose interior is a volcano that is spilling over with red lava down the side. Red lettering. Consortium Holdings designer, Dane Danner (Trader Dane), created this mug design.

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    High Roller Tiki Lounge Rum Barrel - Brown a.k.a. High Roller Tiki Lounge Wiki-Wiki Rum Barrel Mug First Edition, Sort This Out Cellars Rum Barrel Mug First Edition

    This brown rum barrel mug was manufactured by Tiki Farm for The High Roller Tiki Lounge in Solvang, CA. The High Roller Tiki Lounge is located in the back of the Sort This Out Cellars tasting room. This Wiki-Wiki Rum Barrel was also used by Tiki Farm for other locations, including Hala Kahiki and The Bruery.

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    Rasta Tiki Mug Brown

    This tiki mug depicts a head with "dreads" and full lips parted to show teeth. Glaze is brown.

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    Undertow Coconut Mug a.k.a. Wiki-Wiki Coconut Mug For Undertow

    This is a coconut shaped mug marked for Undertow in Phoenix, AZ. Glazed in a matte iron oxide reactive brown glaze. Released in October, 2018. This Wiki-Wiki Coconut Mug was also used by Tiki Farm for other locations, including Clifton's Pacific Seas and The Grass Skirt in Pacific Beach/San Diego, CA.

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    Tiki-Ti Scorpion Bowl Brown & Red

    This is a somewhat triangular brown bowl with Hawaiian designs carved into it and three scorpions crawling down each of the three corners. There are two color-ways of this design. Both have a brown exterior. One has a red interior with red scorpions and the other has a blue interior with blue scorpions. Designed by both Michael Buhen and Doug Horne. Manufactured by Munktiki Imports. Released 09/20/2018.

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    Trader Mort's Cauldron Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a cauldron with a fire below it and a Tiki with shield and spear dancing around it, marked for "Trader Mort's Liquor" on Shelter Island.

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    Ono Lono Beige and Brown Satin

    This Lono-style tiki was designed by Crazy Al Evans for Tiki Farm. Features a Beige and Brown Satin tiki with a tall headdress.

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    Hau'oli Na Maka Angler Red For Three Dots And A Dash

    This is a mug shaped like an angler fish with an upthrust bottom jaw and pointy teeth sticking up. Also issued in an "Electric Blue" and teal. This red wipe-away glaze version is exclusive to Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago, IL. Listed on their menu to serve the Caribbean Punch.

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    Orchids of Hawaii Three Tiki Scorpion Bowl Dark Brown a.k.a. Orchids of Hawaii R-14

    This smallish dark brown bowl has three round-headed tikis supporting a rounded-triangle bowl. Marked "Orchids of Hawaii" on bottom.

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    CheekyTiki Shrunken Head Mug Green

    This is a mug shaped like a shrunken head. He has his hair tied with twine, a bone through his nose, and his eyes and mouth are sewn shut. Made by Bespoke Barware (sister company to CheekyTiki). This is the green version with yellow interior glaze.

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    Munktiki Imports Whittle Tiki Mug Orange

    This is an angular mug shaped like a tiki head with long nose, sharp teeth, small round eyes, and tapa designs on side of head. Available in three wipe-glaze variations: orange, brown, or green. This is the orange glazed version.

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    Paioio features two sets of two different, alternating Marquesan inspired Tiki Gods making up the primary exterior surface.

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    Magical Tiki Meetup Mug - Brown a.k.a. Walt Disney World Magical Tiki Meetup Mug 2019

    This mug was sculpted by Patrick Vassar and produced by Eekum Bookum. Based on the pillars that sit outside the Enchanted Tiki Room at Walt Disney World.

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    Orchids of Hawaii Three Tiki Scorpion Bowl Matte With Glossy Tikis

    This smallish light brown bowl with a matte finish has three round-headed glossy tikis supporting a rounded-triangle bowl. Marked "Orchids of Hawaii" on bottom.

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    Cutwater Spirits Tiki Hut Bowl

    This is a lidded bowl shaped like a tiki hut with a moai at each corner and a thatched a-frame roof with straw holes in top. Conceptualized by Dave Warsaw and designed by THOR. Glazed in a variated beige and light blue gloss glaze. Released 08/07/2018.

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    Islander Peanut Lined Face Tan Mug

    A peanut-like tiki with a lined face, in an unglazed tan color with brown glazed top and bottom rims. Probably an Otagiri mug.

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    Tiki Farm Trader Mort's Shot Mug

    This is a shot mug shaped like a Tiki with simple squinted eyes and closed mouth, marked for Trader Mort's on Shelter Island.

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    Kog a.k.a. Steampunk Tiki Mug

    Kog is from Tiki Farm's "Liquid Lowbrow" product line. Kog was the 2nd place finisher in the Tiki Mug Design & Talent Search and was the first ever design submitted in sculpture form. Created by Daniel Scarcello, Kog is the first ever Steampunk themed Tiki mug. Kog is glazed in gold and sports platinum glazed goggle lenses and a platinum plate on the back where earlier in his life, he met with some trouble.

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    Kon Tiki Tucson Milan Guanko Orange

    Kon Tiki in Tucson (no connection to the Steve Crane Kon-Tiki restaurants) has been in business since the 1960s. This mug was designed by Squid and produced by Tiki Farm for sale at the Kon Tiki restaurant. It is available in both mug & shot size, and this is the mug. The inspiration for the design is a Milan Guanko carved tiki outside of the restaurant.

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    Innsmouth Fogcutter Series Two Open Edition In Purple by Horror In Clay

    This is a fog cutter shaped mug showing the devolution of a pretty wahine into a gilled Lovecraftian horror of the deep. Designed by Jonathan Chaffin (Tiki Atari on TC) and manufactured in collaboration with Tiki Farm. The Innsmouth Fogcutter Mug is inspired by HP Lovecraft's story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth." This mug is designed as if used in the Gilman House hotel lounge and bears the location stamp of infamous Innsmouth, MA. This Purple Wipe Edition features a wiped-off purple glaze and gloss overcoat. The sculpt itself features an Esoteric Order of Dagon logo, the transformation of a woman into an aquatic horror, and you can see dread Cthulhu lurking down in sunken R'yleth if you look carefully. There was also an earlier open edition and limited edition versions which were re-sculpted and hand detailed and glazed by Wendy Cevola.

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    Royal Kona Resort Don The Beachcomber Tiki Mug

    A traditional standing tiki with coffee bean shaped eyes holding a coconut with cocktail and umbrella, glazed in turquoise, and marked for the Royal Kona Resort Don The Beachcomber. Reverse has image of Don in his classic straw hat and holding a tiki mug. Also image of the Island of Hawaii.

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    Surf Bob Blue

    This is a mug shaped like a wave with a dark blue tropical fish sporting a Tiki Bob style face. There is also a green version and an orange version. This design is MP's first Munktiki Imports mug.

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    Regal Hawaiian a.k.a. Politiki Pop-Up Bar Obama Mug

    Mug shaped like a Moai head influenced version of the USA's 44th President, Barack Obama. Glazed in brown. Available Summer 2018 at the Politiki pop-up bar in Washington, D.C., back in the basement Elixir Bar at Barrel after 20 years. Used to serve their “Regal Hawaiian” made with Barr Hill Gin, white rum, pineapple, lemon, orgeat and passionfruit -- inspired by the signature cocktail of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This mug is part of a set which also includes an orange headed and peachy nude Donald Trump mug and a green-glazed Steve Bannon head mug.

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    Marqo-Coco Yellow

    This is a mug shaped like a brown coconut with a colored Marquesan style tattoo wrap-around band. The band features a Tiki face and comes in three different wipe-away glaze colors (green, yellow, and orange). This is the version with yellow band.

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    Geeki Tikis Star Wars Tusken Raider Mug a.k.a. Series Two Sand Person Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a tusken raider from the science fiction Star Wars films. He is a robed native of the desert planet Tatooine. This is one in a set of six (including C-3PO, a Jawa, a Tauntaun, a Tusken Raider, a Wampa, and Wicket). They are a tikified re-imagining of the drinking vessels that might be used if the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars was actually a tiki bar.

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    Geeki Tikis Star Wars Wampa Mug a.k.a. Series Two Snow Beast Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a wampa from the science fiction Star Wars films. He resembles an abominable snowman and has sharp teeth and white fur. This is one in a set of six (including C-3PO, a Jawa, a Tauntaun, a Tusken Raider, a Wampa, and Wicket). They are a tikified re-imagining of the drinking vessels that might be used if the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars was actually a tiki bar.

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    The Art of Tiki Mug Open Edition a.k.a. The Art of Tiki Mug Third Edition

    This mug is based on a Milan Guanko tiki pictured in Sven Kirsten's The Art of Tiki and formerly used on menus by The Islands Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ (which opened in 1958 and was later known as "Tommy Wong's Islands" in the 1970s). The tiki has simple features with half-circle eyes, a long nose, rectangular mouth, and stylized rootball hair on top. Concept for mug by Sven. Sculpt by THOR. The first edition in dark brown was sold exclusively through La Luz de Jesus Gallery's "Art of Tiki" Show and book signing starting October 6, 2017. Presented by Otto Von Stroheim & Sven Kirsten. The second edition was in an orange glaze. This third and open edition in tan has a dark brown wash to pick out details.

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    Tiki Bob's Peanut Lined Face OMC Mug

    A peanut-like tiki with a lined face from OMC, in light beige with darker brown glazed top and bottom rims. Marking is stamped in black on the back, "Tiki Bob's" "San Francisco, Calif".

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    Unmarked Moai Mug Dashed Brown a.k.a. Orchids of Hawaii R-72 Lookalike

    Stylized moai design, brown color, with coffee-bean-like eyes. Vertical "dashes" are indented into the mug all over. Similar to Orchids of Hawaii design R-72.

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    Geeki Tikis Star Wars Tauntaun Mug a.k.a. Series Two Tauntaun Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a tauntaun from the science fiction Star Wars films. He is a riding animal from the ice planet Hoth. This is one in a set of six (including C-3PO, a Jawa, a Tauntaun, a Tusken Raider, a Wampa, and Wicket). They are a tikified re-imagining of the drinking vessels that might be used if the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars was actually a tiki bar.

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    Modfish Bowl

    This angular bowl is decorated with fish and sea life on all sides and comes in three midcentury-inspired exterior glazes (soft coral, light harvest gold and soft avocado), each with a deep ocean aquamarine interior.

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    Rock-A-Hula - Gloss Dark Brown

    A mug shaped like a grinning Tiki made out of a rum (or moonshine) barrel, playing a bass, and wearing a hula skirt. Glazed in darker gloss brown than first version as an exclusive for Mahalo Tiki.

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    Ironside Fish & Oyster Skull Diver - First Edition - Green

    This is a mug shaped like a skeleton inside an old fashioned diving helmet and suit. Ironside is owned by Consortium Holdings, the same group behind False Idol and several other San Diego dining & bar establishments.

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    Mini Suffering Bastard 2017 Edition Satin Black a.k.a. Trader Vic's Mini Mai Tai Joe 2017 Edition Satin Black, Suffering Bastard Shot Mug 2017

    Classic Suffering Bastard design in miniature with satin black exterior, white interior. This design is commonly called the Suffering Bastard, though it was originally marketed as Mai Tai Joe. Trader Vic's originally sold these in sets with a matching decanter. Later, modern-day reproductions were also made by Tiki Farm, which have a black interior. This version was made in 2017 for Trader Vic's and manufactured in Thailand and sold through Trader Vic's website.

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    That Voo Doo That You Doo Mug a.k.a. House of Tabu Voodoo Doll Head Mug

    A mug shaped like a voodoo doll's head made of sack cloth, roughly stitched, with buttons for eyes. Designed by Ken Holewczynski/House of Tabu and sculpted and produced by Munktiki. Black glaze over bone and sealed in a matte finish on the outside, with a gloss black inner glaze.

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    Trader Vic's Maori Haka Mug - First Edition - Red

    This reddish tiki mug is based off of a traditional Maori tiki carving at the Trader Vic's in Emeryville, CA. Similar carvings can be found in the Maori meeting houses of New Zealand. It has an extended pointed tongue, almond shaped eyes, and hands folded in front. Wood grain texture. There is also a second edition in "White" (more of a gray since it is white with a black wipe finish).

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    KaimuKU Tiki Mug

    A Ku styled Tiki Mug with a nubby headdress, crescent eyes, and bow-shaped mouth. From Tiki Kaimuki's Web site: "After many years of sculpting and then scrapping, I have finally designed a Ku mug that I feel appropriately honors my family's culture." Comes in a variety of colors.

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    Rue Morgue Dreadful Ape Tiki Mug Series 1 Open Edition In Bloody Red Wipe Glaze

    This is a mug shaped like a tikified version of the ape from Edgar Allan Poe's 1841 short story, The Murders In The Rue Morgue. The ape holds a straight razor, instrument of its murders, in its lap. Although called a "bloody red wipe glaze" the color reads much darker. The original design sketches were made by Jonathan M. Chaffin. Munktiki Imports and Jason Yungbluth helped with translating Jonathan's design into the finished mug. This project originated as a Kickstarter project which reached its goal in 2016 with mugs being produced/delivered in March 2017. Edition of 1,000+ according to the Kickstarter page.

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    Bora Bora Bum Mug - Green by Beachbum Berry

    This is a mug shaped like a Bora Bora styled tiki wearing Berry's signature straw hat and marked "Beachbum Berry". Comes in three different color-ways: green, blue, and orange. This is the green version. Manufactured by Cocktail Kingdom.

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    Cutwater Spirits Screamin' Whistle Tiki Mug First Edition a.k.a. Cutwater Spirits Screamin' Whistle Tiki Mug Brown, 2018 Brown Herald Tiki Mug

    This is a Tiki mug resembling a steam whistle and marked for Cutwater Spirits. Glazed in iron oxide brown. Released August 10th, 2017.

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    Resin Coconut Mug With Lid

    This brown resin coconut mug has a hinged lid with a straw hole and a white insert. It was sold by Target.

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    UnderTow Panther Skull Mug

    A mug shaped like a panther skull.