Waikiki Burger - Potsdam

Visit: 5 Aug 2023

We have been there to many times to list. Food was always good and it is one of the few place in and around Berlin were you can enjoy hawaiin beer. The old owners didn`t have much TIKI decor, but very nice paintigns on the walls in the front section of the diner. The paintings were removed by the new owners, which is sad but they told us that there will be more TIKI in the future.

Tiki Bar:

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Waikiki Burger - Potsdam Hawaiian Burger Restaurant and Tiki Bar – Potsdam, Germany

Opened April 4th, 2012.

Located in Potsdam, Germany. Americans, especially Californians, might find it similar to the Islands Hamburger Restaurant chain.

In addition to burgers and other fast food offerings with a Hawaiian twist, they offer Hawaiian beers and cocktails at their bar.

On September 16th, 2017 they had their 5th anniversary party with a Hula dance show and live Hawaiian music.

The owner changed in 2023. The tropical atrium was closed by the new owner and all wall paintings were removed.

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