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This was the first Tiki-Bar I have ever been to. My parents took me their during our summer vacations. Form 1983 until 1987 we spend many summer nights in this place.We had had icecreme in pineaples and fantastic extoic drinks.

Tiki Bar


Cala d'Or, Spain

Opened in 1982.

Mabu-Hay has both indoor and outdoor seating with plenty of rattan & bamboo furniture and decor. The interior is dark and moody as classic tiki bars tend to be, but if you want to sit outside on the patio/lanai and people watch, you can do that as well. They appear to have cocktails served in both vessels by Porcelanas Pavon as well as some of their own ceramic creations. There is a large moai out front and several other standing tikis throughout, that appear to be sculpted, rather than carved (perhaps out of concrete or fiberglass or some other material).