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Kanaloa - Houston Bar & Restaurant – Houston, Texas, United States

Opened September 5th, 2018.

Appears to have no connection to the chain of English Kanaloa bars that flourished from @2009-2020.

The exterior of the 2-story brick building was painted all-black.

Inside, the bar was decked out with a ton of multicolored fish floats hanging from the ceiling, a long bamboo bar stocked with a slew of top shelf rums and liqueurs, blue padded booths, polished koa wood tables, and large tiki murals painted on the walls. Outside the back was a patio seating area as well.

Barrera and his business partners Keith Doyle and Roland Keller, the team behind Wicklow Heights, wanted Kanaloa to be a place that would — like any great tiki bar — take drinkers out of the real world and into a kind of Polynesian fantasia. They called on Tiki Bosko to carve the tikis flanking the front doors and the wooden tabletops. Māk Studio, the firm behind EaDo’s Chapman and Kirby, created the tiki face wall murals. The stylish interiors, with deep blue hues, were the work of Leticia Ochoa’s Clover Design Studio.

By all accounts their drinks were fantastic. The food was supplied by Houston food truck Oh My Gogi which was given free rein in the kitchen. Menu items included a series of “tiki tots” including jerk chicken (seasoned grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese and pineapple pico de gallo) and Baja Shrimp (mozzarella, pico and guacamole). For vegans, there was “Beyond Baja Tots” made with plant-based protein, mozzarella, pico de gallo, cabbage and guacamole. There was also both grilled and fried shrimp tacos, a Korean salad and a Korean rice bowl.

Closed June 15th, 2021 -- another victim of the Covid pandemic shut-downs.

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