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    The King Tiki Mug a.k.a. King Kong With Tiki

    This mug is Tiki Farm's first-ever open edition collaboration with Anthony Carpenter. The King gets its inspiration from the historical, original “King Kong” motion picture. It features a grimacing Kong in aloha shirt and lei cradling a large tiki. The reverse features Fay Wray with a cocktail and a fedora-sporting skull island mountain. Glazed in a wipe brown glaze for an overall brownish beige color and with clear overglaze.

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    Creature from the Crab Rangoon - Extra Spicy Edition

    This mug from the Black Lagoon Room depicts a Red tentacled creature poking out of the top of a common Chinese Food takeout carton. The mug has a lid designed to garnish with chopsticks. The first edition of this mug was available in a "Spicy" (Orange) or "Mild" (Green) color option. It was announced the second edition would be available in an "Extra Spicy" (Red) and "Leftovers" (Blue)

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    Hatbox Ghost Mug - Second Edition for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar a.k.a. ETB Hatbox Ghost 2nd Edition

    This is a mug shaped like the Hatbox Ghost from the Haunted Mansion attraction, holding its skeletal head in a hatbox. The ghost has a vacant space beneath its actual hat. There is a reverse version of this mug with an empty hatbox and the head in place under the hat that was issued for Trader Sam's Enchanted Grog Grotto in Florida. This version is matte brown with a glossy brown wipe to pick out the details.

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    King Tā Moko Mug - First Edition - Pink - for Esotico Miami a.k.a. Maori Tattoo Elvis Mug Pink Shirt

    Bust of a young Elvis wearing a pink Aloha shirt, his face covered with traditional Māori tattoos. This design was released in other editions with different colored shirts, including a light blue and a darker blue with black details. A limited edition mug was produced for Christmas 2019 where the shirt is replaced with a red, fur trimmed Santa Coat with a sprig of holly on the lapel.

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    The Shrunken Grump by Tiki tOny for False Idol

    The Shrunken Grump holds 14oz and is 7 inches tall. The top knot holds 1 tablespoon. This tiki mug is available exclusively from False Idol and Consortium Holdings in a limited edition of 300. Each mug is signed by Tiki tOny, hand numbered, and is accompanied by a limited enamel pin of the the Shrunken Grump.

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    Death & Co. Pirate Captain Mug - Limited First Edition - White w/ Black Wash a.k.a. Death & Co. Skeleton Pirate Mug

    Skeleton pirate with a bottle of rum and sword sitting on a pile of skulls, like a skeleton version of their original pirate mug. Initial run is white with black wash, Second run is all black wash, Third run is all white, and Fourth run is in teal.

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    Strong Water Sucking the Monkey Mug

    A coconut mug with a monkeys face carved into it. Designed by Big Toe and made by Eekum Bookum for Strong Water in Anaheim, California. Limited edition of 300 mugs.

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    Kaan Took - Open Edition - BONE

    This mug is shaped like a crouching Mayan style skeleton wearing a crown, round earrings, and a loincloth. Small skulls encircle bottom rim. Reverse features a Mayan warrior with shield and jawless snake head helmet. This version is glazed in a glossy reddish brown "bone" wash finish. Additionally, it has hand-painted red eyes. It is one of two open editions of this sculpt, the other being a blue wash-away finish glaze. Additionally, there are also hand-painted or "Enhanced Limited Treasure Editions" of each of these open edition color-ways.

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    Tiki Oasis 2020 Paradise Point Takeover Mug - First Edition - by Eekum Bookum a.k.a. Tiki Oasis 20 Mug

    The 2020 Tiki Oasis Mug is titled “Tiki Oasis Paradise Point Takeover” and is inspired by the grounds, architecture, and locale of Paradise Point Resort. Tiki Oasis’ Paradise Point mug features tikis from Caliente Tropics (Palm Springs) and the Hanalei Hotel (San Diego), where Tiki Oasis took place previously. The mug has a removable “hut” lid featuring a straw hole. Imagery featured on the mug includes tiki torches, palm trees, birds of paradise, coconuts, a rum box, and a peacock. There is also a fire feature/well for 151 high proof alcohol (or lemon extract) on the front of the mug, just below a Tiki Oasis logo.

    This version in green/teal glazes was followed after the event with a more limited second edition in brown/tan with orange accents.

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    Mouth of the Serpent - Emperor's Blood Edition - by MONDO

    This 24 oz. mug depicts Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, opening his mouth to reveal the skull of Mictlantehcuhtli, the Aztec god of the dead. According to artist, Urban Aztec (Jesse Hernandez), "This design symbolizes a common theme among the Aztec, the duality of life and death, one cannot exist without the other." This is the Emperor's Blood Edition variant (deep crimson red, yellow, and black) limited to 490 pieces. There is also a regular first edition variant with a Brown & Turquoise glaze dual finish, an Emperor's Gold variant limited to 375 mugs, and a Bone variant limited to 515 pieces.

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    Taboo Planet Tiki Mug - First Edition

    This mug is a tikified re-imagining of the famous poster from the film, Forbidden Planet (1956) where Robby the Robot is carrying Anne Francis. In this case, the more tikified robot is carrying a hula girl.

    From the Tiki Maniacs website:

    "This tiki mug mash-up was inspired by one of our favorite mid-century sci-fi movies. The mug was sculpted by Patrick Vassar of The Green Tiki and produced in the USA by Kathy Tope of Tickled Tiki. The mug features a pearlized metallic glaze that changes color depending on the light and the hula girl is meticulously hand painted.

    This is a limited edition of 150 mugs and each will be hand numbered."

    10 Artist Proofs in varying colors were also produced. There was also a second edition of this mug produced in "Koa Wood" brown.

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    Asmat Cannibal Skull - Red Iron Oxide Brown by Trevor Foster Studio for Strong Water Anaheim

    This small stackable brown skull mug has no lower jaw and is marked on reverse for Strong Water Anaheim. It was released at the same time alongside with a cobalt blue version. Both sold out online within the week.

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    The Creature From the Black Lagoon - Second Edition - Blue & Red 3-D Variant by MONDO

    The Creature from the Black Lagoon from Mondo, 2nd edition 3-D variant of the Creature mug with a base blue glaze and a red wipe finish to mimic the effect of the blue and red lenses on 3-D glasses. Mondo released a set of Universal Monsters, including the Wolfman, The Mummy, the Phantom of the Opera and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Other editions of the four Universal Monsters were released shortly after. Designed by Doug P’Gosh and sculpted by Matthew Black. There is also a First Edition with a yellow base glaze and "Gillman Green" wipe overglaze.

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    Bali Hai Tiki Monkey Mug - 2020 - for Cutwater Spirits

    This mug looks like a cross between a monkey and the Goof on the Roof at the Bali Hai on Shelter Island. He has the Goof hat, the red eye, and sharp pointed teeth!

    From the Cutwater Spirits website: "Introducing our 5th generation Cutwater Spirits Tiki mug, designed by the legendary artist, THOR and crafted by Munktiki. This year’s mug is inspired by our Bali Hai Tiki Monkey, the award-winning fan-favorite spirit made with rum, cream, natural banana, cold brew coffee, and cocoa nib flavors. One sip and you’ll go bananas!"

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    King of Kapu - for The Reef

    A severed head mug sold exclusively on location at The Reef tiki bar in Palm Springs, California. The head wears a yellow pitch helmet decorated with a small tiki on front. The mug is made to look like Rory Snyder, owner of The Reef, who is also good friends with John Mulder of Eekum Bookum. The first 100 mugs of this open edition was released on October 1, 2020 and immediately sold out. A delicious libation was created for this mug by The Reef’s Cameron Robbins, called “Wildsville’s Wrong Turn”.

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    King Tā Moko Mug - Halloween 2020 Frankenstein Variant - Limited Edition for Esotico Miami a.k.a. Maori Tattoo Elvis Frankenstein Mug

    Bust of a young Elvis, his face covered with traditional Māori tattoos. This design has been released in a few small editions with different colored shirts, including a pink, a light blue, and a darker blue with black detail. This limited edition mug was produced for Halloween 2020 where the shirt is Halloween orange and Elvis has forehead stitches and bolts on either side of his neck along with a greenish Frankenstein pallor to his skin. They also released a Zombie variant in orange shirt the next month in October.