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    HY TIki - Red

    The swizzle is shaped like a paddle. No information found for HY Tiki, but the name and information is very similar inform to KY Tiki, which begs the question - was this swizzle a mistake?

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    CHOPPER, Tiki Bar - Red/White

    The premise for this robot themed tiki bar is the discovery of a polynesian island (Island X) with an unknown culture based on ancient robot technology. The research vessel CHOPPER was sent to study the culture and artifacts were brought back to CHOPPER Research Lab in Nashville. The swizzle features a robot head.

    Available to trade
    Bloomington, Minnesota, United States
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    Hawaiian Inn, Hotel/Motel - Red

    This swizzle shows the iconic image of a tiki licking a knife associated with the Hawaiian Inn.

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    Port O' Three, Restaurant - Red

    Marvin Chin, owner of the Chin Tiki, also owned the Port O' Three Tiki restaurant in nearby Bloomfield Hills, MI. Its menu, swizzles, and signage used many of the same graphics as the Chin Tiki. The Port O' Three name came from his "three types of food" concept for the restaurant which he advertised for on his matchbooks: "A unique combination of sea food, Polynesian, and Japanese cuisine under one roof....". It opened in 1971 but only lasted a couple of years.

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    Tiki Tango, Tiki Bar - Red

    This swizzle has a full tiki on the top and a hibiscus flower on the bottom. The stem is bamboo with the Tiki Tango logo on it. The back side says Tiki Rancher who is the artist who worked on the decor in Tiki Tango.

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    Generic Maori Tiki - Red

    This pick was used as a base for many tiki bars. It was produced in many colors and can be found with both foil and molded imprints. Kona Kai in San Diego is the most commonly seen version of this pick.

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    Generic Maori Tiki - Red Orange

    This pick was used as a base for many tiki bars. It was produced in many colors and can be found with both foil and molded imprints. Kona Kai in San Diego is the most commonly seen version of this pick.

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    The Waldorf Tahitian Lounge Drummer Swizzle Spoon - Red

    This is a swizzle with spoon at bottom. The top features a rendition of a male Tahitian Drummer featured in one of the Edgar Leeteg black velvet paintings hanging in the Polynesian Room. It is marked for the Waldorf in Vancouver, B.C., whose location houses both the Tahitian Lounge on the ground level and the larger Polynesian Room in the basement.

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    South Pacific, Tiki Bar, Restaurant, Floor Show - Red

    This version of the South Pacific paddle has logo artwork on the front side and no art on the back side. The tip of the paddle end is more rounded than other versions. The "T" in the logo text is shaped like a tree. The "i"s are shaped like a curved arrow or spear.

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    Chin Tiki, Restaurant - Red

    This pick is tiki topped and the stem is more like a knife or dagger than a standard pick. Chin Tiki was opened in 1967 by Marvin Chin, who also opened Chin's Chop Suey in Livonia. Chin Tiki closed around 1980, but the space and decor have remained relatively intact, spurring periodic rumors about it reopening. Chin Tiki was featured in the Eminem movie 8 Mile; during the filming of 8 Mile, apparently much of the kitchen equipment went missing.

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    Pub Tiki, Tiki Bar and Restaurant - Red

    Pub Tiki had "1-1/2" incorporated into its logo tiki. The reason for this is unclear. There were other restaurants in this "Pub" chain, but this was the only Polynesian themed location. This swizzle shows the logo.

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    Beachcomber, The, Bar & Restaurant - Red

    The Beachcomber was a Canadian chain of elaborate Polynesian restaurants in the same vein as other popular chains like Kon-Tiki, Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's. Aside from this Calgary location, there were also locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Victoria and Winnipeg.

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    The Sand Dollar, Restaurant Cocktail Lounge - Red

    The Sand Dollar was a tropical themed restaurant and cocktail lounge. The building was round and was meant to resemble a sand dollar. This swizzle features the image of a sand dollar, and logo art on a rectangular top.

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    Luau, The, Tiki Bar - Red

    The Luau was Steve Crane's original restaurant; after which he went on to open the popular Kon-Tiki chain of Polynesian restaurants. This pick features a tiki standing on a post that holds a wooden sign that says "Luau".

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    Hawaiian Village, Bar Hotel - Red

    The swizzle features a tiki style figure and the Hawaiian Village Logo.