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    Kuhio Hotel, Warrior Bar, Taro Patch, Maluna Lounge, , Hotel, Bar - White / Orange

    Swizzle features a "K" created using a tiki and foliage.

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    Generic Maori Tiki - Red Orange

    This pick was used as a base for many tiki bars. It was produced in many colors and can be found with both foil and molded imprints. Kona Kai in San Diego is the most commonly seen version of this pick.

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    House of Swizzle, Swizzle Collector - Orange

    House of Swizzle is the Internet Identity of Pam Ashlund, avid swizzle collector and editor of Swizzle Quarterly the news letter of the International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association (ISSCA). This etched acrylic swizzle features a cocktail glass with a swizzle.

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    Shangri-La, Tiki Bar & Restaurant - Orange

    Vintage swizzle from Shangri-La Chicago which is now closed. This swizzle was produced in multiple colors.