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    Never Forget To Get Drunk Elephant Mug

    This pink elephant mug was manufactured by Munktiki. He is wearing a fez and his trunk is pointed up in the air as he holds a Moai mug. “Never Forget to Get Drunk” is written on the back of the mug.

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    Warehouse Rum Barrel

    This rum barrel mug has a rich brown glaze and wood-look details. Front is marked "Warehouse Restaurant" in raised letters.

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    Trader Dick's OMC Moai Medium

    This moai was produced by Otagiri Mercantile Co for Trader Dick's in Sparks Nevada. Moai is brown and looks fairly true to the Rapa Nui moai. White area near bottom at back is marked "Trader Dick's Sparks Nevada" and the bottom is marked "Made exclusively for John Ascuaga's Nugget Reno Area's Largest".

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    Trader Dick's Peanut Lined Face non-OMC Mug

    A peanut-like tiki with a lined face like the one by OMC, but this one was manufactured by someone else in later years. Light beige with darker brown glazed top and bottom rims, more crude than the OMC version. Marked with modern "Trader Dick's" and "Nugget" logos on back in black.

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    Trader Dick's Peanut Lined Face OMC Mug

    A peanut-like tiki with a lined face from OMC, in light beige with darker brown glazed top and bottom rims. Marking is stamped in black on the back, "Trader Dick's" and "John Ascuaga's Nugget" "Best of Everything".

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    Trader Vic's Plain Coconut a.k.a. No Aloha Trader Vic's Coconut

    Standard coconut mug, unlike other Trader Vic's coconuts, does not have "Aloha" marked on the side. Is marked "TRADER VIC" in a semicircle on bottom.

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    Mai Kai Shrunken Head Mug Modern

    This is the modern version of the Mai Kai shrunken head mug, and has the details painted under the glaze, while the vintage version has the details cold painted over the glaze. Hair of head is pulled back into a ponytail handle, blue decorative facepaint, yellow spears through ears, and stitches over lips.

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    Oga's Cantina Yub Nub Mug a.k.a. Ewok Celebration Mug From Star Wars Oga's Cantina at Galaxy's Edge

    This is a ceramic hiball glass featuring an Ewok celebration scene from the decisive battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire on the forest moon of Endor, including the Death Star and other ships overhead with Ewoks cheering below. The "Ewok Celebration", commonly known as "Yub Nub", is also the title of a 1983 song featured in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Secluded in a remote corner of the galaxy, the forest moon of Endor would easily have been overlooked by history were it not for the decisive battle that occurred there. The lush, forest home of the Ewok species is the gravesite of Darth Vader and the Empire itself. This mug was released on May 31,2019 at Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge Oga's Cantina. The Yub Nub cocktail features: "Malibu Pineapple Rum, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Citrus Juices, and Passion Fruit."

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    Smuggler's Cove Lidded Rum Barrel a.k.a. Smuggler's Cove Munktiki Imports Lidded Rum Barrel

    This large lidded rum barrel mug was produced by Munktiki Imports for Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco, CA. The barrel is brown with black bands. White lettering. Removable lid has straw hole in top.

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    Foundation Bar Rum Barrel Mug Bone a.k.a. Foundation Bar Rum Barrel Mug Third Edition

    This is a barrel shaped mug with nautical items such as starfish, swagged nautical rope, and an anchor. One side is marked 'Foundation Bar Milwaukee' and the other is marked 'Rum Barrel'. This is the third color-way in bone. A glaze color change is planned every 500 mugs.

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    UnderTow Panther Skull Mug

    A mug shaped like a panther skull.

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    UnderTow Shrunken Head Captain Mallory Mug

    A mug shaped like the shrunken head of Captain Mallory. Green wipe glaze. Came with a matching paper coaster and swizzle stick. Released 04/12/2019 at UnderTow.

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    Disneyland Chanting Tiki Pineapple Juice Sipper a.k.a. 50th Anniversary Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room Sipper from Dole Stand

    Plastic drink sipper based on the chanting Tikis inside the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland. These were distributed by the Dole stand out front and used to serve pineapple juice in. A limited number were made to celebrate the Enchanted Tiki Room's 50th Anniversary.

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    Trader Sam's Grog Grotto Polynesian Pearl White

    This is a round pearl shaped cup made of white plastic, marked "Trader Sam's" on side. It was issued for the grand opening of Trader Sam's Grog Grotto at the Disney Polynesian Resort in Orlando, Florida. When the Polynesian Pearl Cocktail is ordered (described as containing RumChata Cream Liqueur, Grand Marnier, and Cinnamon with Tropical Juices), a large glowing clam shell behind the bar lights up and opens as the bartenders grab a pearl to fill. One out of every 100 pearls is a black pearl.

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    Trader Sam's Grog Grotto Shrunken Zombie Head Mug - First Edition

    This is a mug shaped like a green shrunken zombie head with yellow stitches on eyes & mouth. Green glaze with yellow highlights. Designed by Tim Wollweber. Used to serve the Shrunken Zombie Head cocktail on the Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar menu, made with "reserve and aged rums, tropical juices, falernum and cinnamon". It was issued in April of 2015 for Trader Sam's Grog Grotto at the Disney Polynesian Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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    Trader Sam's Krakatoa! Mug First Edition a.k.a. Trader Sam's Krakatoa! Mug with Brown Gloss Glaze

    This is a fogcutter shaped mug with Tikis trying to escape the lava coming over the rim. Brown exterior glaze with orange interior glaze spilling out over rim. Used to serve the Krakatoa Punch cocktail on their menu, made with "Reserve and Spiced Rums, Tropical Juices, Orgeat, Sam's Gorilla Grog, and Hibiscus Grenadine". The second edition of this mug is marked "2nd Edition" and has a brown wipe glaze as opposed to all brown on the exterior.

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    Munktiki Imports Full Size Puffer Fish Bluish Brown

    This is a large bluish brown mug shaped like a puffer fish. This was produced in orange and a bluish brown for the Munktiki Imports line.

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    Hale Pele Little Lava Person Mug Iridescent Dark Metallic Tiki Kon Edition a.k.a. Hale Pele Little Lava Person Mug Tiki Kon 2017 Limited Edition

    This mug is shaped like one of the little lava people, the A'a'po'e, who help to keep Pele from blowing her stack by cooling her with their everflowing lava. This mug resembles the fountain statue on the left as you enter Hale Pele, with its bowl of cooling lava held in both hands. The Tiki has slanted coffee bean-shaped eyes, a slotted mouth with small tongue protruding, and spiral designs on chest and legs. This Tiki Kon 2017 Edition comes in an iridescent metallic glaze and is from the Munktiki Imports line (from Fuhua Porcelain Factory of Dehua, China). There are several open edition colors of this design. There is also a Limited Edition (in several color ways) and a Super Limited Edition (that has a tri-color gradation from top to bottom of yellow, then orange, then red). The mug's signature drink, the A'a'po'e, is described as: "an amazingly quenching and tasty blend of pot-still Jamaican rum, piney gin, spices, and tropical fruits."

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    Silent Idols Bowl

    MaiTaiMatty's description:

    Signed by Van Tiki and Mrs. Van Tiki

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    Tattiki's Octopus Green

    This is a mug shaped like an octopus entangled around a shell. It comes with a red, blue, green, purple, or gold glazed octopus. This is the first piece issued by the designer, Tattiki.

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    Creep Bosworth

    Dark gray-green monster tiki mug, part of Munktiki's Creeps line of mugs.