Frankie's Tiki Room Lava Letch II Mug - Spooky Blue

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Picked up at Frankie's during Anniversary Trip #5

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Big Toe
Tiki Farm

This matte blue mug with red wipe-away overglaze and black stitches is shaped like a slightly slumpy monster tiki, with bulging eyes, skeletal hands, and a bared grin full of teeth. Mug reads: "Frankie's Tiki Room Las Vegas" on back. The mug was designed by Big Toe and produced by Tiki Farm. It bears no resemblance to the first Frankie's Tiki Room Lava Letch mug, which was designed by Von Franco. This is the fourth standard edition color-way produced of this design (not including custom colored versions sold by the artist).

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25 Mar 2022
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25 Mar 2022
Pooch and Star
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