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We were in Dublin , there was a tiki bar The rum collection is impressive, the drinks not so much for good cocktails goto Vinitage Cocktail Club instead.

Tiki Bar

Ohana - Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Opened in January 2020. This space boasts that it is Dublin's only Tiki Bar!

Taken from Third Mind Design, who designed the space, which holds 200 people and is divided into 5 separate sections:

"Ohana Tiki Bar is located on Harcourt Street in Dublin, Ireland. The colour palette is a combination of teal, crystal blue and natural bamboo. Oversized palm leaves and pineapples are printed onto custom wallpaper and cover sections of the walls. The exterior is defined by a block colour of crystal blue, wayfinding strip from steps to entrance. The exterior walls and floor are painted black with bamboo cladding and live bamboo plants to bring a softer element. The entrance into the bar begins with a vortex style transition - characterised by mirror panels and neon-style lighting. The reception hallway uses a volcanic effect wall with a vibrant pink ‘Aloha’ greeting. The key design features of the venue are colour block sections, bamboo cladding and a mixture of contemporary and tiki furniture. Tiki heads and Easter Island style statues adorn the corners of the teal colour block rooms. The cove takes on a Caribbean element and the colour palette changes to a monochromatic tan and black. The walls are bedecked with black skulls and a hanging bamboo feature. The copper port lanterns and premium rum feature cabinets complete this look. The outdoor area features an ‘Ohana’ sign made completely from natural bamboo and decorated with soft green foliage."

The bar boasts over 200 rums, and also has a DJ booth across from the bar, so can go from lounge to nightclub space as needed.

After their initial opening, they had barely found their footing when the Corona Virus hit and they had to close for 2 years, opening once again at the end of February 2022.