Fuchsia Tiki Bar

Visit: 23 Dec 2022

Wonderful. Great hospitality, amazing rum knowledge and collection. I had a Saturn and sweetie had a Mai Tai. Both were wonderful

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Fuchsia Tiki Bar Bar & Restaurant – New Paltz, New York, United States

Opened in 2019.

This small tiki bar is a bit eclectic -- it has some traditional tiki decor (large tiki carving in corner and masks, mugs, and art on the walls) blended with nautical (netting on ceiling with beach cottage lanterns), as well as a large pirate flag and palm fronds wallpaper. The tufted green Victorian couch, chrome barstools and stacked stone walls may feel slightly at odds with the other themes, but the overall vibe is clean and cozy and tropical.

They have a healthy selection of tiki cocktails (classic and contemporary) and rums to peruse, as well as a large menu of sushi (or appetizers if you just need something to snack on).

*NOTE: The owners have announced that September 30th, 2023 will be their last day of business at this location. Their lease was not renewed. They hope to secure another lease nearby in the future and re-open if possible.

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