Hula Hula - Queen Anne Hill - Seattle

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Visited on my second evening in Seattle. The drinks were uninteresting, but the decor was nice. The menu quality improved when they moved to Capitol Hill a few years later.

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Hula Hula - Queen Anne Hill - Seattle Bar & Restaurant – Seattle, Washington, United States

This was the original Queen Anne location of Hula Hula, which re-opened in a new Capitol Hill location in April 2017. The tiki-kitsch bar and limited restaurant was located at the base of Queen Anne Hill near the Seattle Center. It opened in December 2006, and closed ten years later in March 2017, due to planned redevelopment of the site. Before becoming Hula Hula, this space was Watertown, and for many years before that, it was a nightclub called the Romper Room. Hula Hula was managed by the same group that owned the neighboring martini bar, Tini Bigs, which also closed.

Hula Hula served tropical cocktails and a short menu of pupus. The drink menu was filled with the expected names, like the Mai Tai, Zombie, Navy Grog and Shark's Tooth, but the recipes seemed to have little relationship to the names (the Navy Grog, for instance, had pineapple juice). The walls and ceiling were lined with lauhala and bamboo, and some of the seating was in poolside-style lounge chairs. Karaoke happened nightly.

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