Trader Sam's Mask - Bushman Mug - by Gecko #1

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One of the "Jeep" series bushman of one.

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Gecko'z South Sea Arts

Gecko's Bushman series features the same "Bushman" body wearing a variety of different masks. This Bushman is wearing the famous "Trader Sam's" mask which can be viewed on display at Trader Sam's (behind the bar and close to the ceiling's peak where it is flanked by two book-ending tiki drummers).

Decoration on the mug includes real boar's tusk through its nose and a piece of tapa cutting that's left over from La Mariana for loincloth.

This mug is a "1 of 1" version that was only available for pick up at Gecko's La Mariana Sailing Club in his Jeep.

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21 Feb 2023
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21 Feb 2023
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