Rum Miser - by Jeff Granito - for Tikiland Trading Company


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Jeff Granito
TikiLand Trading Co., THOR

This mug is a riff on the character of the Heat Miser from the 1974 Rankin/Bass stop-motion animated television special, The Year Without a Santa Claus. The Heat Miser lives in a volcano and controls the hot weather around the world. He and his siblings are the children of Mother Nature.

This version controls the rum!

Glazed in an "ombre" glaze which sees a gradation from red at top to orange and then yellow at bottom.

From Tikiland Trading Company:

"This mug will be signed by Jeff Granito! This release is Limited to 100 mugs. While we may decide to bring this rum thirsty miser back at a later date, we've currently only produced a limited batch of these. This mug holds about 22oz (varies slightly mug to mug), 9” tall, and 1.25 lbs in weight. This is a collaboration between TikiLand Trading Co. and Jeff Granito. Designed and Made in sunny Southern California by TikiLand Trading Co. Each mug is hand made. Each mug is hand cast, hand cleaned up seam lines, then individually hand glazed! As a result, each mug will be unique and have small variations in glaze, color, cleanup, etc."

Sculpted by THOR.

This mug includes a custom cocktail recipe by Kelly Merrell.

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9 Nov 2022
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9 Nov 2022
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