Anela Mug - Second Edition - Blue Dress - by Mookie Sato


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Mug Design:

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Mookie Sato
Mookie Sato

This mug is based on a character from a children's picture book written and illustrated by Mookie Sato, titled Puuwai: A Tale of the South Seas.

The mug is shaped like Anela, a little girl with a hibiscus blossom in her hair and holding a ukulele.

From Mookie Sato:

"This product will be available from 8:00 PM (PDT) on June 1.

Anela is a character in the picture book 'Puuwai'.

These products are made by hand, so each one is unique.

This product is not a limited item. But, the quantity that can be produced at one time is limited, so the product will be sold irregularly.

We will be delivering them from June 10 to 20.

Dimensions: Height 5.7 inches, width 3 inches.

We plan to produce 50 units this time."

Previously, there was a first edition with red dress and red flower.

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9 Nov 2022
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9 Nov 2022
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