Donn The Beachcomber Moai Mug – Beaumont Blue Edition - by SHAG – for the Donn of Tiki Kickstarter


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Tiki Farm

This is a tall stylized moai mug designed to resemble Donn the Beachcomber with his signature hat and pencil thin mustache. It is glazed in blue with the exception of a yellow and red flower blossom behind his right ear.

From the Donn of Tiki Documentary film Kickstarter:

"Pledge US $250 or more

Shag Mug (Beaumont Blue Glaze)

Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt: No one knows precisely where the name Beaumont came from, but it has that sense of dignified respectability you want in a blue glaze, right?

With this tier, you can own this limited edition (only 250 produced) Donn Beach mug with certificate of authenticity, designed by Shag, produced by Tiki Farm."

*NOTE: This design was also produced in a "Beachcomber's Gold" (yellow) glaze.

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9 Nov 2022
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9 Nov 2022
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