The Order Of The Golden Fez Smoking Baboon - Ghost Glaze - by Ken Holewczynski - for House of Tabu

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Ken Holewczynski
House of Tabu
House of Tabu

This is a mug shaped like a baboon wearing a fez with tassel. Small hole in mouth for a burning taper for baboon to "smoke".

From House of Tabu's Facebook page:

"Of the sacred vessels of libation long thought lost to the sands of time, was the most coveted chalice of the of the highest degree - depicting none other than our official spirit animal - that ne’r-do-well, The Smoking Baboon. Whilst on a new dig at Temple grounds and despite the blistering heat, the anticipation of hunt soon drove the tireless efforts of our on-site excavation crew. Barely containing our excitement, we thought 'could this truly be it? Is this the day?' As we opened yet another catacomb, we uncovered what will hopefully be the first of a treasure trove Baboons! As we slowly scour through the ancient Temples of the the Order of the Golden Fez, we are discovering small stashes of this rare and elusive piece. Standing at approximately 7” tall and holding 15 ounces of your drink of choice."

This is the first ceramic mug design that was produced entirely in-house by House of Tabu using their own kiln.

There is also a version in turquoise glaze and full colour.

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17 Feb 2022
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17 Feb 2022
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