Mod Janus - First Edition - Oxblood Red & Indigo Blue - by Bosko #57

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From Bosko:

"Mod Janus is an abstract version of the mythical Janus - Janus was the god of doors, gates, and transitions. A Limited First color Edition of 60 hand sculpted Ceramic by Bosko. Cast from a single mold. Glaze is oxblood red with a vivid indigo blue float, it highly varies, each will be unique depending on its position in the kiln. Inside is a clear. We may or may not plan to do a very small second limited edition color after this. Since it is only one mold you are limited to how many you can cast. Mug stands about 7” tall and holds about 16 Oz. © Bosko Hrnjak"

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3 Jan 2022
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4 Feb 2022
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