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Tiki Al

A Bumatay style Tiki mug commissioned by David Fernandez, owner of The Purple Orchid Tiki Lounge in El Segundo, CA. It was sculpted and produced, after a vintage Bumatay mug, by Al Zequeira (Tiki Al) with help by JR. After the slipcasting was done, Al hand detailed all the wood grain and added the lettering around the base and on the bottom of each mug. To date, about 150 mugs have been produced (not including artist proofs). Ten of the first 14 were made available for sale December 18th, 2010 at the restaurant for $30 a piece. Another 15 went on sale February 5th, 2011. The original 14 included 8 purples and 6 bluish white versions. The bluish white version appears to be slightly larger -- maybe by an eighth of an inch. The second batch included 1 more purple and 1 more bluish white one, but also 10 brown ones (a very few of which are reddish brown) and 3 whitish blue ones. 25 more brown and 25 more purple were released for sale on 08/10/2011. 20 more brown (slightly two-toned looking) and 20 more bluish white ones were released for sale on 12/18/2011. Most recently, in 2012, Al released a small number of red glazed versions as well, rounding off the total edition to about 150 mugs.

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