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    Trader Sam's Grog Grotto Polynesian Pearl White

    This is a round pearl shaped cup made of white plastic, marked "Trader Sam's" on side. It was issued for the grand opening of Trader Sam's Grog Grotto at the Disney Polynesian Resort in Orlando, Florida. When the Polynesian Pearl Cocktail is ordered (described as containing RumChata Cream Liqueur, Grand Marnier, and Cinnamon with Tropical Juices), a large glowing clam shell behind the bar lights up and opens as the bartenders grab a pearl to fill. One out of every 100 pearls is a black pearl.

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    Hale Pele Little Lava Person Mug Rough Blue Wipe-Away Open Edition a.k.a. Hale Pele Little Lava Person Mug Rough Blue Wipe-Away Open Edition, Hale Pele Little Lava Person Mug Sixth Open Edition Color Way

    This mug is shaped like one of the little lava people, the A'a'po'e, who help to keep Pele from blowing her stack by cooling her with their everflowing lava. This mug resembles the fountain statue on the left as you enter Hale Pele, with its bowl of cooling lava held in both hands. The Tiki has slanted coffee bean-shaped eyes, a slotted mouth with small tongue protruding, and spiral designs on chest and legs. This Open Edition comes in a rough blue wash wipe-away glaze and is from the Munktiki Imports line (from Fuhua Porcelain Factory of Dehua, China). This is the sixth color-way of the Open Edition, released 09/2017. The first one was in coconut brown, the second was a sea green color, the third was in a gloss greenish brown, the fourth was in a gun metal metallic gray, and the fifth was in a salmon wipe-away. There is also a Limited Edition (in several color ways) and a Super Limited Edition (that has a tri-color gradation from top to bottom of yellow, then orange, then red). The mug's signature drink, the A'a'po'e, is described as: "an amazingly quenching and tasty blend of pot-still Jamaican rum, piney gin, spices, and tropical fruits."

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    MUG #2 - The Lost Tikis of Toro Toa

    From D.S. Edwards:

    "This tiki mug stands 8.5" tall and holds 24 ounces of beverage! A great addition to any mug collectors shelf, this limited edition mug is reasonably priced and solid enough to bludgeon an intruder! Manufactured by Tiki Farm, designed by me, D.S. Edwards!"

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    Trader Sam's Grog Grotto Krakatoa! Mug 2nd Edition a.k.a. Trader Sam's Grog Grotto Krakatoa! Mug With Brown Wipe Glaze & Orange Interior

    This is a fogcutter shaped mug with Tikis trying to escape the lava coming over the rim. Brown wipe-away exterior glaze with orange interior glaze spilling out over rim. Used to serve the Krakatoa Punch cocktail on their menu, made with "Reserve and Spiced Rums, Tropical Juices, Orgeat, Sam's Gorilla Grog, and Hibiscus Grenadine". This is similar to the second edition of the Krakatoa! Mug used at the Sam's in Disneyland, but it is marked on the bottom for the Sam's Grog Grotto in Orlando.

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    Trader Sam's Tangaroa Cooler - First Edition - Light Blue Wipe a.k.a. Trader Sam's Tangaroa Cooler Blue

    This is a hiball mug featuring a Papua New Guinea style tiki faced shield on one side that has a second small tiki that forms the nose of the mask. On the other side, the smaller figure is carrying the mask like a surfboard. Light blue wipe glaze leaving the otherwise white mug with light blue in the low relief areas to show off the sculpt. Designed by Marcus Gonzalez with sculpt by Tim Wollweber. The drink it serves is called "The Tangaroa Cooler" and features Hendrick's gin, orgeat, falernum, Angostura bitters, and juices of grapefruit and lemon.

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    Tumuaki - Brown - by Benzart for Tiki Farm

    This mug is shaped like a man's head with Maori moko tattooing design. Issued in a green or a brown glaze.

    Tiki Farm describes this mug:

    "I know Tiki pretty darned well. The 'Papa', the 'Godfather' the most revered carver in Tiki is Ben 'Benzart' Davis. My 75-year old, long-time friend means the world to me. I speak with Ben often, but not often enough. Tiki Farm is launching the new 'Tumuaki', a traditional Maori design created by Maori-trained sculptor Benzart and turned into a Tiki mug by Tiki Farm. The significance of this piece in any true Tiki collection is important in my opinion. I am grateful to have this relationship with Ben and I am very proud of Tumuaki! It is 100% Tiki. It is not a lowbrow design, it is not a skull, a monkey, a zombie or a shrunken head. I love all of those aesthetics, but at our roots at Tiki Farm are some very traditional Tiki-inspired designs. Such is the case with Tumuaki.

    Glazed in a traditional 'tiki brown' glaze, Tumuaki is impressive!"