Baby Doe Mug - First Edition - Teal Wash with Greenish Yellow Lei


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Mug Design:

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Eekum Bookum

This Baby Doe Mug was a few years in the making. It features a stylized rendering of Baby Doe (who along with Otto hosts the annual Tiki Oasis in California) in her signature sunglass hat.

This first edition is glazed in a teal wash with greenish yellow lei around neck.

The design hearkens back to vintage ceramic head vases of the 1950s/60s. Baby Doe also wanted it to have a more cartoony/stylized face that could give the sense that it could be ANY tiki girl at Tiki Oasis. She resisted the original vision to make it photo-realistic and resemble her more closely. MP Ceramics perfected the vision after several exchanges and revisions.

After the design was made, they turned it over to John Mulder of Eekum Bookum.

The timing of the mug was supposed to come out for the 20th anniversary of Tiki Oasis in August 2020 but the COVID virus happened and the Oasis was turned into a virtual event without all the bells and whistles they had intended. She decided not to release the mug at that point.

However, in December 2020, Baby Doe decided not to sit on them any longer and released them for sale through her Facebook page. They come complete with mini earrings designed by TeeKi Togs.

The sale price is $125 which includes domestic shipping.

A second edition in pink wash with orange lei around neck is also in the works...

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12 Aug 2021
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12 Aug 2021
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