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    RumHaven Mermaid Mug

    Created for the company as promotional give-aways as a run of 500 mugs which features their signature brand mermaid surrounded by sea life.

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    Hawaiian Inn Paddle Licker Green a.k.a. Knife Licker, Paddle Sucker

    This is one of the Hawaiian Inn logo tikis. The Hawaiian Inn logo is a stylized version of what is commonly called a paddle-licker, knife-licker, or paddle-sucker tiki. This version is in green, the knife is small and is not actually touching the tiki's tongue, which is sticking out. Yellow glazed interior. Base says "Hawaiian Inn" in raised block letters, back says "Daytona Beach Fla" in raised letters. Stamped "Japan" on bottom.

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    Dynasty Fu Manchu a.k.a. DW118

    This is a mug featuring a stylized stereotypical Asian male face with a long mustache, commonly referred to as a Fu Manchu mug. This version is from Dynasty Wholesale, and might be made from molds originally from Orchids of Hawaii. Might be marked "Made in China" and "DW118" on bottom.

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    Benihana Hotei a.k.a. Benihana Buddha

    Dingo McPhee's description:

    "Made in China" on bottom. No logo on back.

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    Dynasty Large Leaf Bamboo Mug a.k.a. DW115D

    This dark brown mug was manufactured by Dynasty Wholesale. It is shaped like a stalk of bamboo with leaves.

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    KC Co Happy Tiki Shot Blue

    This tiki shot mug from KC Co is Ku-like, with an almost smiling face. Eyes are squinted, figure-eight mouth, squatting body, with many "chisel" marks. Marked "KC Co Ltd. Hawaii" on bottom.

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    The Screamin' Tiki Glass a.k.a. Joe's Crab Shack Tiki Glass

    This is a clear double sided Tiki head shaped glass. It has no markings. The Tiki head has round eyes and its open mouth and square teeth are open in a wide scream.

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    The Serenader Shot

    This is a shot mug shaped like a Tiki. It has upward-looking eyes, a large nose, and an open mouth. There is also a full mug sized version of the "Serenader" design.

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    Dynasty Green Tiki Mug a.k.a. DW113

    This is a stock green tiki mug from Dynasty, like the Orchids R-5. The design has a tiki with almond-shaped slanted eyes, and a small mouth full of jagged teeth. Zig zag design along top rim.

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    Dynasty Surfer Girl Mug a.k.a. DW112

    Mug of a blonde surfer girl, surfing on a field of white waves, on a blue background. Surfer is wearing a red bikini.

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    Dynasty Warrior Mug Brown a.k.a. DW136B-Head Hunter

    This brown mug is based on the Orchids of Hawaii R-1 Warrior mug, but it's made by Dynasty Wholesale, and it's smaller.

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    Dynasty Bikini Girl Mug a.k.a. DW141 Hula Girl Mug

    White cylinder with raised criss-cross pattern, inset on the front containing a 3-D hula girl from head to just past her hips. Girls has red flowers, and a red bikini top. Probably derived from an old Orchids of Hawaii R-79 mold.

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    Dynasty Easter Islander a.k.a. DW128 Moai

    Stylized moai design, tan/light brown color, with coffee-bean-like eyes, nostrils, and lips. Vertical "dashes" are indented into the mug all over. Likely derived from the Orchids of Hawaii R-72 mold.

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    Dynasty Small Leaf Bamboo Mug a.k.a. DW115L

    This light brown mug was manufactured by Dynasty Wholesale. It is shaped like a bunch of bamboo with leaves.

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    Other Mug

    Dingo McPhee's description:

    Orange fish. Marked DW169 on bottom.

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    Dynasty Mermaid Mug Blue a.k.a. DW109

    This mug is all turquoise blue and depicts a mermaid. Modeled after the earlier R-99 Orchids of Hawaii Mermaid Mug Blue but less detailed.

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    Resin Coconut Mug With Lid

    This brown resin coconut mug has a hinged lid with a straw hole and a white insert. It was sold by Target.

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    Dynasty Pineapple Mug a.k.a. DW119

    This yellow mug with lid is shaped like a pineapple and was manufactured by Dynasty Wholesale.