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This was a decent Tiki Bar, not great. Everything about it was "ok." Drinks, food, decor. Service was rude the one night I was there. I can't give it another chance now, because they're closed, I'm sorry to say.

Supposedly, a larger development was taking over their lot and several others...

Tiki Bar

Tiki Tango

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Tiki Tango opened in January 2019.

Tiki Tango was a 3-level tiki lounge in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. Each level had a distinct island vibe and mood (Flamingo Room, Tiger's Den, and Tango Room). Previously known as The Lava Lounge, new owner Scott McCray employed tiki interior designer and artist Frank Simotics — better known as The Tiki Rancher — to assist with the bar’s tropical transformation.

Tiki Tango announced its closure for Sunday, June 19th, 2022 due to the sale of the block for another high-rise apartment building in midtown.