Stack-O-Gold - Cored Pineapple Rings Mug - First Edition - Yellow by Home Aloha

's description:

Second edition with green cherry skewer. First edition has a red cherry skewer.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Second edition included a green (vs red) cherry skewer.


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Home Aloha

From Home Aloha and MP Ceramics comes this limited edition 3-piece cocktail mug, sculpted and produced by Mikel Parton (aka MP Ceramics). Made to look like a stack of cored and canned pineapple rings, this 7" tall cocktail mug comes with a detachable lid and a stainless steel and ceramic cocktail cherry skewer for your fruit garnish. Each Stack-O-Gold mug comes packaged in a beautifully labelled tin pineapple juice can, with a special Stack-O-Gold Cocktail recipe on the label. This first edition of 50 comes with a red cocktail cherry and the second edition comes with a green one.

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1 Feb 2021
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1 Feb 2021
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