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Tiki Shark
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A mug shaped like a Tiki-like version of a standing humanoid Sea Creature with sharp teeth and round bulging eyes. A human skull is nestled at the base between its feet. This mug was created for the Body Glove 60th Anniversary and was based on "The Body Glove Sea Creature" (a painting by Brad Parker) which was in turn inspired by "The Disappearance" (a short film by Greg Browning). Each mug comes with signed card from Brad Parker. Part of a set of three mugs, including the Body Glove Shark Tiki Mug and the Body Glove 60th Anniversary Tiki Mug. Set of three mugs was limited to 100 signed with cards, although full edition run for each individual mug was considerably higher.

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8 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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