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Last night, we visited Cane Tiki Room in Paso Robles, CA. We enjoyed the stop very much, our major complaint being it was not dark enough to feel like a good tiki escape. Decor is lightly and tastefully done, with several nice carved tikis, glass float lights, and puffer fish lights. Some of the decor items feel a bit Disney-ish, such as the baskets of Bird-of-Paradise flowers, and the parrots perched on bamboo rings. The fire wall over the entry area is a nice touch that would be more dramatic if the room were darker. There is a banquette running the length of the room, and it was a quiet Monday night so we had it to ourselves. (A series of booths would make it feel more intimate, although there is an alcove at the back which is a bit more private.) For drinks, I ordered the Cane Mai Tai with the float, which wouldn't make my Top 10 Mai Tais but was still a good drink. I thought it was a bit pricey, with the float bringing it to $19. Dean had the "28 Ingredients Later," their Zombie riff, and liked it after he had stirred and it had diluted and blended a bit. They were served in cute mugs: mine a puffer fish, and Dean's a shark. For a second round, Dean went off-menu and had a Jet Pilot, which was very nicely done. I had their "Yuzu You Boo" and it was delicious, served in a coupe glass. Food was good: we had pork Potstickers, which came out crisp, with a nice chili dipping sauce; fried rice with chicken which was a little bland but perked up nicely with the accompanying teriyaki sauce (I'd try the Spam version next time); and Mongolian Beef over Jasmine rice, which was very good. They have a good selection of rums (although no Smith & Cross, which surprised us). We shifted to the bar for a shot after we had eaten and had a friendly chat with the bartender and GM. We got the feeling they know they're not quite tiki yet, but they have to balance with the expectations of their local audience. Overall, a good place that could be great with more tiki immersion and classic tiki cocktails on their menu.

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Tiki Bar

Cane Tiki Room

Paso Robles, California, United States

Soft opening on February 6th, 2022. Opened to general public on February 16th, 2022.

Cane Tiki Room is the fourth sister restaurant from owners Donovan Schmit and Troy Larkin; the ‘restaurant family’ also includes Fish Gaucho, Pappy McGregor’s, and Eleven Twenty-Two Speakeasy & Cocktail Lounge.

Housed in the space previously occupied by Stein’s BBQ.