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I have a very fond memory of visiting the Tiki Tiki sometime in the early 80's I'm guessing (I was born in 1975). We were visiting from Wpg and my family who lived in Calgary brought us. I am pictured with my cousin - she's on the very far left, and I'm the blonde in the red dress standing next to her. I never forgot about that place and was disappointed as a young adult to find out that it no longer existed.

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Tiki Tiki - Calgary Bar, Floor Show & Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Opened May 21st, 1974 in the James Building, using each of the two floors (measuring 6,000 square feet each).

This was one of three Tiki Tiki locations, the others were in Edmonton and Saskatoon.

The restaurant had thunderstorm effects periodically and two floor shows each night.

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