The Beast of Blood Mug Set - Green - by THOR


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This is a two-part mug set sculpted to look like "The Beast of Blood" from the fourth film in the "Blood Island" monster franchise.

Made in the Philippines in 1970 for the U.S. drive-In market by Hemisphere Pictures, "The Beast of Blood" features a lush jungle-island setting with former Rockabilly singer and "Beach Party" star, John Ashley, alongside "Star Trek" alum and former Elvis Presley co-star, Celeste Yarnall ("Live A Little, Love A Little"), as two Americans who encounter a mad doctor whose experiments with chlorophyll serum have turned a man into an undying, green-blooded zombie beast.

Drive-In-Sanity Films, in association with TikiBauer Pottery of California released the first in a series of "The Beast of Blood" mugs at The Mai-Kai Hulaween event on October 30th, 2020. The Beast of Blood mug was designed and sculpted by Tom "THOR" Thordarson and is actually two mugs in one. When stacked, The Beast of Blood mug is approximately 8" tall. Separated, the Beast's disembodied head holds approximately 4 ounces of fluid while the Beast's headless body holds approximately 8 ounces.

The Blood Island Green Potion #2 was served during the month of October at The Mai-Kai to celebrate this mug release. Described as "A tart and potent green colored potion featuring Appleton 8 year with a floater of hibiscus-infused red rum which the Mad Doctor Lorca and his Beast of Blood would definitely approve of!"

Mug also came with two matching double-sided swizzle sticks.

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