El Calerte Jade Mask Mug - for UnderTow 5 Year Anniversary - by Tiki Diablo


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Tiki Diablo
Tiki Diablo

This mug is shaped like a skull missing its bottom jaw, with the top half covered in pieces of jade, and with golden eyes.

The Aztecs and Mayans and other cultures from the Americas revered jade as a precious material and there are many examples of jade-covered masks and skulls that have been unearthed from these regions.

The “El Calerte” Jade Mask took over a year from concept to creation. The mug was made in a super limited run of 200 for the 5th year anniversary of the Undertow tiki bar in Phoenix, Arizona (at its new larger and more immersive location at The Century Grand).

This mug is near and dear to the artist himself, as it represents a tribute to his heritage and indigenous cultures tied to Arizona and beyond.

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12 Dec 2021
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12 Dec 2021
Chris Fish
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