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Tiburon Tommie's Bar & Restaurant – Tiburon, California, United States

Tiburon Tommie's was initially called "Tiburon Tommie's Pier 41" when it was opened by Tommy Cox and Johnnie Won sometime around 1955 or so (Won was a former chef at the Zombie Village in Oakland).

In 1963 it was renamed "Tiburon Tommie's Mai Tai."

The building was large, and situated on the water on historic Main St. in Tiburon, across the bay from San Francisco. Its upper level was the "Maori Sky Room," used in later years only for storage.

Tommy Cox retired in 1976. The Won family bought out his half.

Tiburon Tommie's lasted longer than many of the grand tiki places, closing in 1995 when Alice Won (wife of the then sole owner, Johnny Won) suffered a stroke. When it went out of business, many of its items were reportedly found in a dumpster, and then sold at auction. Many members of the then-burgeoning San Francisco tiki scene were able to purchase items from the decor. In the early '00s, the building was torn down, and now condos are on the spot.

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