The Kon-Tiki Room - at Palmetto

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The Kon-Tiki Room - at Palmetto Bar & Restaurant – Oakland, California, United States

Opened June 10th, 2021.

This bar was next door to Palmetto and from the same team behind both The Kon-Tiki and Palmetto. In fact, it shared a door with Palmetto and served food out of the Palmetto kitchen. However, the Kon-Tiki Room was a dark tiki bar and felt entirely different from its next door neighbor.

The interior leaned heavily toward the nautical side and was designed by artist Woody Miller (Wood Tiki).

*NOTE: In an Instagram post by Palmetto on 10/06/2023, they announced that both the Palmetto and The Kon-Tiki Room would be closing for good on 10/29/2023.

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