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Freaky Boutiki Store – San Diego, California, United States

Freaky Boutiki started out in 1999 as the Freak Factory, selling a mix of original art, retro items, surf stuff and midcentury pieces. After a fire in 2006, owner "Hodad" Hank Adelson transformed it into Freaky Boutiki, with a stronger emphasis on all things Polynesian Pop.

The store billed itself as a "coastal curiosity shoppe" and had a great mix of items: art by modern tiki artists, Oceanic art pieces, nautical knick-knacks, tiki mugs, aloha wear, carvings, and more. Freaky Tiki had work by many well-beloved tiki artists, including Ken Ruzic, Heather Watts, Derek Yaniger, Doug Horne, Sam Gambino, Squid (especially his Acme Bakeware line), Tiki Tony, Shag and more.

In July 2016, Adelson sold the store to a new owner. It now operates under the name "Boutiki" but does not retain the Polynesian Pop focus of its predecessor.

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