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Eekum Bookum

This mug is a two sided mug with a tiki on one side and a moai on the other. The front of the mug features a 10 foot Tiki named Kahona, the water God, which stood at the entrance of the Tiki Gardens (a polynesian gardens theme park). It featured a fire pit in the mouth and torches they would light every night. The back features another of their monumental Tiki’s which they called Lono supreme God. Shells and gemstone eyes have been added on the tikis and the sides of the mug feature peacocks from the gardens.

Tiki Gardens was a Polynesian gardens theme park in Indian Shores Florida, just a few miles from the creators house. It opened in 1964 it was closed in the 80s at which time it fell into disrepair ultimately being sold to the county. And of course they tore down paradise and put up a parking lot for the beach.

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