Calling All Spirits Tiki Bowl - by Jeff Granito - for TikiLand Trading Company - Embellished by Faust


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Mug Design:

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Jeff Granito
THOR, Faust

This bowl is a combination of tiki imagery and imagery from Disney's The Haunted Mansion (especially Madame Leota at top).

From TikiLand Trading Company:

"Spirits fill the tiki bar beckoning those from near and far. Form a circle round the bowl, And summon the otherworldly soul, whose haunting visage we hope to spy Inhabiting a float nearby

Has a guest arrived that you didn’t invite, an otherworldly being that’s out at night? Someone’s sipping more than their share. When Calling on Spirits you best beware!

This tiki mug bowl will be glazed black with blue/aqua accents emphasizing its otherworldly properties.

Beverage of your choosing will fill the bowl, surrounding the center portion where the float will reside. The top of the float has a 'garnish bowl' which you can fill with whatever you choose.

Designed by Jeff Granito Sculpted By Thor Support and production by the team at TikiLand Trading Co."

This version has been embellished by Faust.

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26 May 2022
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26 May 2022
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