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    Clifton's Pacific Seas Fogcutter Mug a.k.a. Clifton's Pacific Seas Fog Cutter Mug

    This fogcutter mug was manufactured by Tiki Farm for Clifton's. It is modeled to look like the old exterior of Clifton's with tropical plants and waterfall, marked for Clifton's Pacific Seas.

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    Sam's Seafood Marquesan Mug

    This whimsical aqua-colored mug was designed by Sam Gambino for Sam's Seafood in Huntington Beach, CA. The mug debuted on August 4, 2007. The tiki is a full-body Marquesan with his fingers intertwined over his belly. He has oval, protruding eyes and an s-pattern in the center of his broad nose. He is grinning and showing his 14 teeth.

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    Trader Sam's Rum Barrel in White & Brown a.k.a. Trader Sam's Rum Barrel Version One

    This is a mug shaped like a rum barrel with barnacles and seaweed clinging to the side. White and brown exterior. Brown interior. Used to serve the Shipwreck on the Rocks cocktail made with Maker's Mark bourbon, freshly muddled lemon and mint with organic agave nectar.

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    Trader Sam's Shrunken Zombie Head Mug - First Edition

    This is a mug shaped like a shrunken zombie head with black stitches on eyes & mouth. Mottled blue glaze. Designed by Tim Wollweber. Used to serve the Shrunken Zombie Head cocktail on the Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar menu, made with "reserve and aged rums, tropical juices, falernum and cinnamon".

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    Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug Honey Brown

    Based on the Tiki-Ti logo Tiki which was inspired by the Kon-Tiki Montreal menu cover Tiki from 1958. The design idea was formulated by Sven Kirsten with input by Mike Sr. and had a lot of help along the way, including Mark Noland (3-D imaging) and Kevin Kidney (font). Holden Westland took it the rest of the way and VOILA! This mug was first issued in an open edition honey brown in April 2011, followed by limited edition runs in Iron Oxide Brown and Blue.

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    Gecko Kapu Krate

    This brown crate-shaped bowl was designed by Gecko. The top of the crate features a tiki mask, the words "Kapu Keep Out" and two straw holes. There are two more tiki masks on the side of the crate. Measures: 4.5"H X 8"W X 6.5"D.

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    Ballast Point Pirate Skull Mug

    This is a skull mug with a pirate hat. This mug was released August 19, 2011 at The High Dive in San Diego. Initial price was $16 which included the mug with a mai tai and $8 refills. The Pizz was there to do signings as well. The mugs sold out at the event.

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    Devil's Share Mug Super Limited Edition a.k.a. Ballast Point Devil's Share Barrel Mug SLTD Edition

    This is a mug shaped like a barrel with a devil clinging to the side. This version is the super limited version with a red devil. The open edition devil is colored in beige.

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    Don the Beachcomber Mug Modern Long Neck Green

    This modern reproduction of the vintage Don the Beachcomber mug was created by Crazy Al and Tiki Farm for the new Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach in 2010. It is available in green and yellow glazes just like the vintage mug. It can be distinguished from the vintage version by its "HB CA" marking on the back, and "DTB 2010" on the bottom. The back also has a swordfish, in a nod to Sam's Seafood, which was in the location before it became Don the Beachcomber.

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    Don the Beachcomber Rum Barrel Reproduction White

    This white rum barrel was reproduced by Tiki Farm. "Don the Beachcomber" and "Rum Barrel" are in recessed letters on the front.

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    Tonga Hut North Hollywood & Palm Springs Bamboo Mug

    This is a rectangular shaped vessel made to look like a cluster of bamboo. It is white on the exterior with some green bamboo leaves and green lettering. Green interior.

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    Bali Hai 60th Anniversary Mug a.k.a. Mr. Bali Hai With Fez 60th Anniversary Mug

    This mug is a reproduction of the original Mr. Bali Hai, the mascot for the Bali Hai Restaurant in San Diego. This version of the mug was manufactured by Tiki Farm. Mr. Bali Hai is an oblong head with a bone through the nose and large white hoop earrings, with sleepily lidded eyes. This mug is topped by a tapa printed red fez with black tassel and the words "Bali Hai" in gold on front. The back of the mug reads: "Bali Hai 1954-2014 60th Anniversary Shelter Island." The anniversary event was on 10/30/2014 and each attendee had a ticket for one drink with mug on admission. The remainder of the mug run went on sale at the restaurant the following day.

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    Wang's Fu Manchu Mug

    An updated version of the classic Fu Manchu mug with a long narrow nose, high cheekbones, the trademark facial hair, and sleeved arms folded together at the base. Glazed in Celadon Green. Made for Wang's in North Park (San Diego) and Palm Springs. 500 were produced for each location for a total of 1,000.

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    The Bali Hai Roof Goof a.k.a. Primitive Goof Mug

    Whereas the earlier Tiki Farm Goof Mug design was based on the artwork on the matchbook from Christian's Hut in Corona Del Mar, this more primitive-looking version is designed to resemble the actual Goof on the roof of the Bali Hai. The mug is shaped like a man's head with pointed teeth. He is grinning and wearing a tall headpiece that flares at the top. His hat, teeth and earrings are white, and his right eye and hat have red accents. This version is an open edition to be sold at the Bali Hai restaurant.

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    Mr. Bali Hai Tiki Farm Mug Edition II a.k.a. Reproduction Mr. Bali Hai

    This mug is a reproduction of the original Mr. Bali Hai, the mascot for the Bali Hai Restaurant in San Diego. This version of the mug was manufactured by Tiki Farm. Mr. Bali Hai is an oblong head with a bone through the nose and large white hoop earrings, with sleepily lidded eyes. The mug comes with a lid with two straw holes. Face is slightly more full than the original vintage mug.

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    Tonga Room Peanut Lined Face OMC Mug

    A peanut-like tiki with a lined face from OMC, in light beige with darker brown glazed top and bottom rims. Marking is stamped in black on the back, "Tonga Room" "Fairmont Hotel" "San Francisco".

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    Damon's Steakhouse 70th Anniversary Mug Dayglow Green a.k.a. Damon's Steakhouse 70th Anniversary Mug 5th Edition

    This is a light green hiball ceramic tumbler featuring the four Damon's Steakhouse monkey mascots. The first three monkeys are standing atop one another and reflect the Japanese pictorial maxim of "see no evil," "hear no evil," "speak no evil." The fourth monkey on the reverse is holding his stomach in an "eat no evil" gesture.

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    Purple Orchid Logo Mug

    This is the custom logo tiki for the Purple Orchid Exotic Tiki Lounge in El Segundo, CA, produced for them by Tiki Farm. The design comes from a Oceanic Arts design, modified for the Purple Orchid logo by Otto Von Stroheim. Mug is, of course, quite purple. Tiki design has elongated, angled almond-shaped eyes, and a long tongue. Marked "Purple Orchid El Segundo CA" on back.

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    Warehouse Rum Barrel 2018

    This rum barrel mug has a rich yellowish brown glaze and wood-look details. Front is marked "The Warehouse Restaurant" in raised letters. Released on August 25, 2018 during the Shipwrecked tiki event.

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    Crazy Al's Sunken Tiki Kaihalulu Dark Brown Edition 2019 a.k.a. Smuggler's Cove Sunken Tiki Kaihalulu Dark Brown Edition, Kuhiko - Kaihalulu Dark Brown Edition

    This is a classic Ku dredged from the bottom of the sea with barnacles, brain coral, and a fishing net still wrapped around him. Concept by Martin Cate and sculpted by Crazy Al. This is the Kaihalulu Dark Brown edition which is in a dark brownish glaze and named after the famous pocket beach on the island of Maui, Hawaii on Kaʻuiki Head. Available only at Smuggler's Cove and premiered on 01/2019.

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    Smuggler's Cove Rum Barrel Light Brown a.k.a. Smuggler's Cove Munktiki Rum Barrel Light Brown

    This rum barrel mug was produced by Munktiki for Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco, CA. The barrel is light brown with four tan gloss bands. It reads "Smuggler's Cove" on the front in raised letters and "San Francisco" on the back.

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    Frankie's Tiki Room Thurston Howl Mug

    This green hiball shaped like a tiki's head was designed by Mark Zeilman and manufactured by Tiki Farm for Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas, NV. The tiki has a large open dogbone-shaped mouth and is baring its teeth. Its eyes are slanted and football-shaped with red dice in the centers.

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    The Grass Skirt Coconut Mug a.k.a. Wiki-Wiki Coconut Mug for The Grass Skirt

    This is a coconut shaped mug marked for The Grass Skirt bar in Pacific Beach, CA. It features their logo name between two swaying coconut palms. This Wiki-Wiki Coconut Mug was also used by Tiki Farm for other locations, including Clifton's Pacific Seas in Los Angeles and Tiki-Ko in Bakersfield, CA.

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    Volcano Barrel Mug - First Edition - for False Idol a.k.a. False Idol Volcano Barrel Mug Bone/Beige & Black

    This is a light beige mug with a black wipe to leave definition in recesses of sculpt and shaped like a large rum barrel whose interior is a volcano that is spilling over with red lava down the side. Consortium Holdings designer, Dane Danner (Trader Dane), created this mug design.

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    Ballast Point Fisherman God Mug a.k.a. Ballast Point Fisherman Tiki God Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a man dressed in a grass skirt and eating a fish. Paul Elder designed and sculpted this mug for Ballast Point Spirits. Manufactured by Tiki Farm.

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    Trader Vic's Los Angeles Tiki Mug Green

    This green mug was designed by Marcus Pizutti and manufactured by Tiki Farm for Trader Vic's in Los Angeles, CA. The tiki is a full body Ku with an upturned chin, football-shaped eyes and a tall headdress. He's sassy!

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    Trader Vic's San Jose Signature Tiki Mug

    This Signature Trader Vic's San Jose Mug is fashioned after a design on a Marquesan Drum. Used to serve "The Pilo Pilo" -- a rum libation with a hint of spice created as the signature cocktail for Trader Vic's San Jose.

    Capacity: 16 Fluid Ounces.

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    Trader Vic's Rum Barrel Bowl

    The Trader Vic's Rum Barrel Bowl is shaped like a rum barrel on its side with a square opening. It is supported by short legs and has two black straps around each end of the barrel.

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    Trader Vic's Suffering Bastard Reproduction Green Stone a.k.a. Trader Vic's Squatting Tiki

    This mug is commonly called the Suffering Bastard, and it is a reproduction of the original mug that was produced for Trader Vic's. Green stone version of the traditional squatting tiki design.

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    Trader Vic's Aloha Coconut

    Common giveaway mug from Trader Vic's, a brown coconut with white interior, raised white letters saying "Aloha!" on the front, with raise white letters saying "Trader Vic's Since 1934" on the back.