Liki Tiki #2 - 1st Edition - White by Oakwash

a.k.a. Liki Tiki #2


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Liki Tiki #2 Mug - First Edition - Bone White - by Oakwash a.k.a. Liki Tiki #2 - in 4 collections

Omar Girona
Oakwash Ceramics

This is the 3rd mug in a Liki Tiki series by Oakwash. The mug is shaped like one of the standing slit drum tikis from outside the Disney World Jungle Cruise attraction where a cluster of 6 tikis (based on those from Vanuatu) are timed to spit out streams of water from their mouths onto unsuspecting guests. Glazed in a black matte wipe effect for overall gray color with black in recesses to pick up details. Black interior.

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16 Mar 2022
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16 Mar 2022
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