Goat Cheese - Fourth Edition - Black Metal - by Munktiki - for Ohana Is Dead

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Munktiki, Dave Dexter
Ohana Is Dead

This is a mug shaped like a robed goat-headed figure holding a switchblade in one hand in front and a skull in the other hand in back.

From Ohana Is Dead:

"Our Black Metal Goat Cheese Cvlt mug is here! Sculpted in his likeness, our final super limited edition glaze features corpse makeup celebrating his greatness' favorite music. Skillfully crafted in Astoria, OR by our good friend Munktiki, this is the fourth and final glaze of this series, all of which have been limited to 25 mugs."

Sculpted and manufactured by Dexter at Munktiki.

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26 Mar 2023
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26 Mar 2023
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