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This mug made its debut as a promotional mug at Mahiki in London in a brown glaze @2017 or so. It proved so popular that Jägermeister began offering it to other bar clients in personalized colors (mostly in Britain but also in Australia) @2018 or so. For instance, a later red and black combination glaze was made for Keystones Cocktail Club of Worcester. The Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn in Glasgow uses this mug to serve their Fog Cutter cocktail.

The mug features the stag with the glowing cross between its antlers. This striking identity dates back to Hubertus, a wildman of the woods who had a vision of a Stag with an ethereal light glowing between its antlers. He saw this as a sign and become a pioneer for the respect of nature and patron saint of hunters.

Starting in 2015, Jägermeister made a big push to capture more of the cocktail market. They sponsored a UK Cocktail Contest and Jager began showing up as a spice component in cocktails far and wide. Many were taken by the novelty of using what had been previously considered a college shot (sometimes the first drink they had in college) and elevating it within a craft cocktail to new heights.

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available in several colors -- and personalized colors for bars

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Article on personalized Jager mugs
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