5 Minutes of Rum Podcast

a.k.a. Kevin Upthegrove

Kevin is a very knowledgable rum aficionado who is plugged in to the tiki scene and tries all the latest rums and liqueurs and cocktails, takes meticulous notes, then posts amazing podcasts with thoughtful and intelligent analysis so you can live your very best cocktail life using his advice. Should you buy that $90 bottle of rum that just popped up on the shelf? See what Kevin says first!

From Kevin's website: "Having plunged headfirst into rum (and tiki drinks in particular) in 2009, I've created a space to share rum-related information while at the same time learning how to podcast.

I've given rum-related talks at multiple events, including at the Rum Rhum Club at the Tonga Hut North Hollywood and at Tiki Caliente. I've also conducted small rum and cocktail sessions for smaller private groups."

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