Kapulapu Forbidden Island Two Year Anniversary Edition #1

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Purchased 2020- Custom. Forbidden Island

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Tiki Kaimuki
Tiki Kaimuki Ceramics

Kapulapu is a Bumatay tribute mug of sorts designed and manufactured by Falin Minoru aka Tiki Kaimuki. It has the bulging eyes and fish-like mouth of the Bumatay tiki. The tiki's hands are touching just above his protruding belly. All of the tongues on this edition were hand sculpted. The back of the mug has a brown woodgrain texture, and the interior is lime green. This version was produced for Forbidden Island's two year anniversary and came with a certificate of authenticity signed by designer Falin Minoru and Martin Cate, proprietor of Forbidden Island.

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13 Jun 2021
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21 Jun 2021
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