Magic ZOMBIE! Glass - by Sex And Monsters


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Sex And Monsters
Sex And Monsters

This clear zombie glass features artwork of a zombie flanked by two nude "Surf Witches". Artists: Nik Poliwko, Sveta Shubina, Matt Durston, and Will Penny. The heat decal on the glass is temperature sensitive and the zombie is invisible during room temperature but appears when filled with a cold drink. This effect was used on vintage glasses, usually with "girly" or "risqué" or "peek-a-boo" pinup glasses that would have clothes disappear to reveal the nude or scantily clad figure beneath. These glasses sold out quickly through Kickstarter and through the Sex and Monsters website. However, despite the huge success of the glass's release, Will Penny says another issue of similar glass is unlikely since the manufacturer they imported them from is no longer available.

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3 Aug 2021
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3 Aug 2021
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