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Tiki Diablo
Tiki Diablo

This is a Maori influenced full standing Tiki mug with Moko designs on face, protruding ears, three-fingered hands held at stomach, and standing on a squarish base. The Mai-Kai opened in 1956 and they added the Molokai Bar in 1958. This is a prominent Tiki in that bar. The mug version was made by Tiki Diablo for the Mai Kai and was available in three colors, a "Tobacco Brown," a "Lagoon Green," and a "Black Velvet" with 133 of each color made. This version in "Bone" came afterwards. Each came with a nautical deadeye pendant that you may borrow from him that is labeled "Mai Kai."

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11 Feb 2021
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18 Feb 2021
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